SelectionChange event fires whenever calendar loads


The selectionchanged event fires whenever the calendar loads. This is due to the calendar being set to the current date internally. However, it makes it hard to do the following scenario:
  1. Wire up SelectionChanged event.
  2. Tap calendar date.
    Expected Result:
  3. Navigate to new page on Selection Changed to enter form criteria for some date.
    Actual Result:
  4. SelectionChanged fires and page navigates even though no date was tapped. This can be fixed by not wiring the SelectionChanged event until the Loaded event fires (attaching an event from inside an event), however, the event persists when you use backward navigation. Tapping the date allows the new page to load but when you press Back, the event fires and the page immediately navigates to the other page again.
    Suggested Fix:
    Add a Tapped event to allow actions to be carried out only if the user taps a date to change it. This would allow the current SelectionChanged functionality to remain as is.
Closed Apr 18, 2012 at 3:09 AM by SergeyBarskiy
Added new event DateClicked to only fire when a user clicks on a date