WPControls Calendar customization

Jun 12, 2012 at 11:46 AM

<cite class="fn">Hi Sergey Barskiy,</cite>

I have another idea about calendar control customization.

My customization requirement

Restrict the user the view/flick within the calendar of current year.For example,user can able to flick/view  the months of 2012.User should not have access to either 2011(previous year) or 2013 (next year)

As we already discussed about this customization,your idea works fine.I would like to propose one more idea.Here is my idea..

I have noticed one more property "Enablegesture" = True/false . So for the above requirement,can we do like this below

 -  Set Enablegesture=False if the year of the selected month is either  2011 or 2013 .so that the user can't flick the calendar to previous/next year.

Please suggest me whether this idea will work or not?